School-Ready Hairstyles

Posted by admin on Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's that time of the semester where midterms, projects and homework are making you go crazy.  However, don't let your looks suffer girlfriends.  There is no reason why you can't ace that test and look good while doing it.  These simple and time-saving hair ideas will keep you looking fresh and ready to take on the challenges of college life.  Work mode: on!

Ponytail-  Reinvent the classic with these styles.  Don't be insecure girl.  Own that ponytail.  Work that up-do!

Your cute hair will have the boys at the library asking for yo' numba'!
  • Topsy Tail-  Step 1: Gather hair into a loose low ponytail.  Step 2: Poke the fingers of one hand up through the hair to create a “pocket†of space.  Step 3: Keeping the “pocket†open with your fingers, flip the ponytail up and through it.  Step 4: Pull the ponytail down to tighten it.  Step 5: Fix it up and spray hair lightly to hold the style.
Flip ponytail up and pull hair through gap.
Photo credit: realsimple.com
Viola! I present the topsy tail.
Photo credit: realsimple.com
  • Sleek, high pony-  Step 1: Bring hair up to the top of your head.  Step 2: Brush to smooth out bumps and secure flyways with your favorite product.  Step 3: Tie pony and spray with hairspray.  Step 4: Take a strand of hair, wrap it around elastic and secure it with a bobby pin.
Look totes fierce for that exam with the sleek, high ponytail.
Photo credit: sheclub.mindfieldsoft.com

Braids-  These are some of my favorite, go-to twists.  While the three-stranded plait is good in a pinch, there are so many other unique braids you can rock.

  • Fishtail:  This hair style is way easier than it looks.  Braid it straight down your back or to the side; messy or cleaned up, you will score major style points.  Here is a fast tutorial brought to you by the fabulous LC!!!



Take down President Snow and your bio midterm.
Photo credit: memegenerator.net

Head bands and head scarfs-  These are great for both short or long hair and when you want to hide the greasies.  Use your favorite colors and scarfs for endless possibilities.

  • Head scarf-  The scarf is probably the most versatile piece of material you can have in your wardrobe.  Step 1: Tie your hair up in a ponytail or bun.  Fold the card in to a head band or fold it in half if you want it to cover your entire head.  Step 2:  Take the head band and tie it at the front of your head or to the back.  Leave your bangs down or secure them back.  Step 3:  Leave the ends of the scarf loose or tuck them in.  Step 4: Leave you hair up or untie it and leave it down.
Sport this simple and girly look with a front-tied scarf and your hair down.
Photo credit: fashionscute.com
Keep your hair out of the way with this front-tied scarf and a messy bun. 
Photo credit: hairromance.com
Gretchen Wieners approves this 'do: head band scarf with hair down. 
Photo credit: yusrablog.com
Leave your hair down and let the head band cover your head. I call this the pretty pirate! Ahoy hotties!
Photo credit: hairromance.com

I hope these hairstyles keep y'all looking cute throughout the semester.  Don't be afraid to experiment and have fun! Good luck with midterms!




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