ScholarPRO: A new way to get scholarships

Posted by admin on Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a mattttttttttch..."  

Patty is millionaires with golddiggers as ScholarPRO is students to scholarships. Eh, eh?

(Pardon The Fiddler on the Roof; I can't resist the chance to burst into song if such an opportunity arises.)

And no, I'm not talkin' match me with some bros--I'm talkin' bout matching me with some monaaayyyy. (Although I'd gladly settle for bros WITH money.)

I'm talking about the newest way to search for private scholarships--ScholarPRO.

This service does the dirty work for you, showing you ONLY scholarships that you are actually eligible for. I.e. you won't spend your totallllly valuable time filling in the same 8 million questions and writing the same Miss America, all-I-want-is-world-peace, I've-totally-overcome-adversity essay before finding out that no, you aren't at least 25% eskimo, you're not a semi-pro barrel racer and you don't have vision that's shittier than 20/20. NO SCHOLARSHIP FOR YOU.

Because there's nothing that chaps my ass more than being denied money for my lack of Eskimo-ality.

What also differentiates this site is the fact that you actually apply for said scholarships THROUGH the site, and any letter of recs you might need (from the professors that are totally enamored with you and your awesomeness) can be sent directly to ScholarPRO.

You know, for the $30 service fee. ( Unless you're a low-income student, in which case it's the low, low price of FREE.)

And I guess if you end up getting a scholarship, the fee is kinnnnd of a good investment.

Eh, whatever.



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