The Study Breaks Schism

Posted by admin on Thursday, May 21, 2009

There is a schism festering in office of Study Breaks. The lines are clear and immoveable. The consequences of this feud could have lasting ramifications.

The divide has been created by free drinks the office has received from various distributors. The two sides are this: the VIB - which describes itself as "a vacation in a bottle" and the experience of drinking as a "wave of relaxation". The other side consist of the hyped up Red Bullers - the drink which is supposed to give people wings.

The mellowed outside consists of myself, Michael and several other warriors. The leader of the hyped up crazy crunkers is Kat, our infamous Art Director. The battles are fought in mysterious ways. The speech of red bullers tends to go fast and rapid whilst the VIBers are more relaxed and chill.

This is the ying and yang of the office. The harmony is achieved temporarily...but it's basis is tenuous at best.


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