Rules of the Road: Intern Etiquette

Posted by admin on Thursday, March 31, 2011

I know we all just got back from Spring Break, but before we know it (and before we’re ready), summer is going to creep up and be here sooner than we think! You know what that means? It’s time to start looking for an internship for the summer, if you haven’t already!

Okay so you’ve found a position of interest. You email the company and they ask for your resume, so you send it to them. They love you, so you get the gig. That’s all great, but there are some etiquette rules you should know when you’re at the office. Even if you’re only getting coffee, there are still some rules of the road you need to follow so that you actually keep your internship, and maybe even get a referral for a job in the future.

College Candy has composed a list of what NOT to do as an intern. Read it. Memorize it. Live by it.

Looking at porn in the office: Really? Are you that in need of a 3 p.m. pick-me-up? If so I think we have a larger issue to deal with. There’s nothing wrong with porn, but let’s keep that habit at home, K?

Turning down assignments: When you’re an intern, you’re gonna get a lot of really boring assignments. But if you do enough of those really boring assignments, you will get to do some really amazing ones. Turn down those assignments and, well, you’re an idiot. You are an intern and your job is to do the crappy work. Not because you’re some slave or something, but because not doing it shows your boss that you’re not willing to put in the hard work to move up. And that, for those of you not getting the point, is not a good message to send.

Using social media to vent: It’s PUBLIC, duh.

Showing up hungover: It’s one thing to be hungover at work (hey, it happens); it’s quite another to be clutching a Gatorade with your head in the trash can under your desk.

Painting your nails at your desk: Or doing anything that screams, “I’m not here to work hard†(or stinks up the entire office). What’s more important to you: perfect cuticles or finding a job that allows you to support yourself so you don’t have to live in your parents’ basement for years after you graduate?

Wearing a mini-skirt and no undies: Not only is that just plain wrong, but imagine how uncomfortable it is to have naked vajay on leather. Yipes.

Using AIM/GChat at work: Okay, so you shouldn’t be talking to your friends at work….but everyone obviously does. So just be careful. You don’t want to accidentally send your boss an IM meant for your BFF. You know, the one discussing your one-night-stand from last night… in graphic detail.

Disappearing: If you aren’t being paid, you may feel that it’s okay to take a 4-hour lunch break. Um, it’s not. Especially if you come back from this said lunch break intoxicated…or carrying an armful of shopping bags.

Swearing: When asked to do something, “Absolutely†is a good response. “F*ck yeah!†is not. And “That sounds sh*tty†is really not.

Again, these things may seem obvious to you, but clearly some people need a refresher course.

Interns have a responsibility, even if it is just geting coffee. Make sure when you step into the office you are ready to get to work! (Photo taken from Google Images)


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