"Round Up....its like the movies..."

Posted by admin on Monday, March 28, 2011

Like my  friend  Liel tried to explain it to someone who had never been....Round Up is like the movies. Anytime you see a movie about frat parties, or just college parties...thats Round Up. Amplified by like 100, and for those of you not fortunate enough to go to Texas or even just come to Round Up, I am truly sorry. It's a shame that every college student in the country doesn't get to celebrate my favorite holiday. The best neon-colored-live-music-3-day rage fest in the college world arrives every year on the last weekend of March and as soon as its over, we look forward to the next Round Up.

I would have to say that this year was my best Round Up by far. Highlights of my weekend include partying with 3-Six Mafia at the Sammy house, jamming out to Josh Abbott at Pike, enough crawfish to feed a large country, everclear snow cones and foamfoamfoampartiesss! (thats not counting the other shows/parties I may or may not have made it to). I lost my debit card, student ID && license...and then found it. Phones were broken &/or lost and I was separated from all of my friends for hours at a time. During Round Up, anything and everything goes and it's our excuse to take pictures that would keep even the best qualified candidate from being hired. If you've never been to a Round Up, its one of those things you HAVE to put on your bucket list to do before you graduate/die. It's simply amazing.

So I hope you all took Sunday to recover and are ready to return to the real world today, it's sad but now we have next year's Round Up to look forward to.

as always,

lovelovelovelove & sorry for partying

P.S. enjoy the pics...I may or may not be biased...TEXAS SPIRITS::A TEXAS TRADITION SINCE 1941



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