RiRi celebrates Kadooment Day

Posted by admin on Tuesday, August 2, 2011

RiRi (Rhianna) too HOT for Barbados.

Kadooment Day is celebrated in Barbados, home of the well known R&B singer RiRi.

Here's a little background info on Kadooment Day: Barbabos holds a massive colorful festival at the end of crop over as a result of their successful sugar cane harvest. The festival originates back to the 1780's when Barbados was the largest producer of sugar. Today it's a public holiday and people of the province dress in extravagant masquerades after they give their first grown crops to the gods for good luck.

With little but no surprise Miss RiRi hits the streets of Barbados in a sequence barely there red-hot bikini. What a better color to match her fire-red hair, don't you think? But by the looks of her weave in these pictures looks like it’s watered down a bit.

Shaking her tatas and showing off as much skin as possible, plus topping off her outfit with a carnival feathered crown, she definitely left little to the imagination.

I don’t think Chris Brown would have approved of her behavior.

You think RiRi’s outfit was too scandalous?

Click here to see more photos.


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