Ring-a-ling I hear Carol's Singing..

Posted by admin on Thursday, October 27, 2011


I am a very large holiday fanatic,Christmas basically since it is one of the few holidays that has a whole month a that is dedicated to it's splendor. When i was with my cousin this weekend he even pointed out how it feels like Christmas since most commercial stores now have decorations and music on display. I personally love the fall/winter seasons simply for the abundance of holidays in it as opposed to spring/summer. As we near the middle of the semester (I hope you all survived the dreaded Mid-term's) it's good to stay in perspective and stay spirited and motivated for the upcoming new year. I know statistically Holiday's aren't always that favorable for people since they put so much emphasis on the family dynamic, which is a sore spot for many. However; i encourage you to look on the bright side and make the most out of what is left of the year, especially here in cities like San Antonio where there is so many constant festivities and events to keep you entertained. If your not a big holiday nut like myself i encourage if anything to just look forward to the prospect of the new year, andwhat it will bring. Until then, enjoy the festivities going on, and keep in mind were halfway there!


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