[Restaurant Review] Taqueria Arandas - Houston, TX

Posted by admin on Saturday, February 5, 2011

Taqueria Arandas Quesadillas

If you live in Houston, you know that once you exit anywhere between Gessner and Bingle on the north side of I-10, you're exposed to a plethora of international cuisine, a majority being Mexican food. There's a wide selection of bakeries, little grocery stores, food trucks, and taquerias. So many to choose from, and only so much room your stomach can handle! Where is my pick? Well, I haven't quite explored all my options, but Taqueria Arandas opened one of its newest location next to Hunan Chef III off I-10 Wirt Road. Why would I keep going back? They keep the restaurant spick and span clean. The service is friendly and fast. Portions are huge, and melon agua frescas are unbelievably fresh and refreshing.

My family and I headed to Taqueria Arandas after a long day of moving in to my brother's new house. Our tired bodies and growling stomachs weren't too happy with us. Among the four of us, we ordered tacos, quesadillas, a whole grilled tilapia fish, and the Aranda's Special - a massive platter of beef and chicken fajitas with lettuce, tomatoes, cactus, avocado, and pinto beans. All of this food (with plenty of leftovers) came out to be just a little bit over $40 - a steal considering all the food we got.

Whole Grilled Tilapia

Crunchy Taco Plate - the taco shells were airy and crispy, absolute perfection

Places like Taqueria Arandas steal my heart. They don't b-s with food and never stingy with providing fresh, wholesome ingredients. Other places will rip you off and charge $1.95 to have an avocado but not at Taqueria Arandas. I'm sure by our slumped bodies, our waitress saw that we were exhausted. She provided us with quick service and always with a smile, and that itself makes all the difference to a restaurant experience. Rating 4/5


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