Reactions to Chris Brown at the Grammys

Posted by admin on Thursday, February 16, 2012

They say "forgive and forget"...   

But for God's sake, don't Tweet stupid shit about how you want Chris Brown to punch you in the face.

Sure homeboy pretty much dominated the Grammys with his three performances and actually took home an award for Best R&B Album. (Although many people expressed disappointment there wasn't more of of a Whitney tribute.) And that's swell. Props for talent. But just because he's got got a smooth voice and smooth moves doesn't mean it's socially acceptable (and NOT terrifying) that women are posting things like "Not gonna lie...I think I'd let Chris Brown beat me," "I'd let Chris Brown beat me up anytime ;) #womanbeater" andddd more--which is exactly what was going on as the legitimate woman beater (he plead guilty) took the stage.

Yeah. No.

Try reading the report of what went down the night that Chris Brown, for lack of a better phrase, beat the hell out of Rihanna. For any woman, that's a terrifying prospect. And by posting things that are not only ignoring, not only condoning, but ENCOURAGING domestic abuse, ladies, not only are you making light of a horrific and far too rampant reality...

but you also look like an idiot.

So if you want to buy his Grammy award-winning album (or download it illegally--karma's a bitch, Chris), feel free to support the music. But don't support the abuse.

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