Ragu's Adorable Ad: Charlie Bites a Finger Once Again

Posted by admin on Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I cannot count the times I have sat at my computer watching the “Charlie Bit my Finger†YouTube video, giggling like a hiccuping chicken and screaming, “This is adorable!â€Â Honestly, the video pulls at a couple of my heartstrings. (It reminds me of my annoying, lovable younger sister.)

Anyhow, like any YouTube star's shelf life story, Charlie and his big brother have become the poster children of Ragu’s new commercial. Ragu’s advertising team must be pretty dang smart, because what’s more marketable than two of YouTube’s favorite cutie pies? Also, this video shows a quick shot of what finger-biting Charlie and his bitten brother look like now (still adorable, by the way).

Check it, yo!



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