Prince Harry Parties Naked: Shows off his crown jewels

Posted by admin on Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Prince Harry and some random babe...caNUDEling

They say what happens in Vegas, stayyyys in Vegas.

Unless, say, you're Prince Harry.

Fresh off pretending he cares about the Olympics, the perpetually naughty prince was recently living it up in Vegas and, ya know, doing what anyone in Vegas would do poolside if they were freaking Prince Harry--i.e. challenging Ryan Lochte to a race (and losing), probably applying copious amounts of SPF (ginges gotta be careful 'bout sunburn, ya know) and just indulging in some good ol' I'm-young-I'm-rich-and-because-I'm-a-bad-boy-and-a-royal-one-at-that-I'm-hot activities.


And, naturally, what's a prince to do post-pool? PLAY SOME STRIP POOL, of course. Word on the street--i.e. TMZ--says that the rowdy royal invited some badass babes up to his hotel room where shit proceeded to get cray...and naked (cray-ked, if you will)...as a game of strip billiards ensued. It was then that someone committed a huge party foul (that we're totally thankful for) and sneakily snapped some grainy pics of the naked prince, proving that--Prince Harry?--not so hairy.

The royal family currently hasn't commented. And as for the pic-snappin' perpetrator?

...I'll bet they used prince-tagram.


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