Phelps does it again- 2012 Olympics

Posted by admin on Monday, July 2, 2012

The sea monster has done it again--Michael Phelps locked up another 8-races for the 2012 Olympics in London as he rallied to win the 100M- butterfly at the U.S. Olympic trials and set the fastest time in the world this year with a 51.14 seconds! Is there anything this 6'4 giant can't do?! (Besides smoke weed whenever he wants that is...sorry Michael.)

Holy muscles Michael- we're excited too

If this doesn't get you pumped for the Olympics and have you chanting U-S-A, How bout the 16-year old underdog Gabby Douglas earning a spot in London with her flawless routine on the uneven bars? which you can see here.

^We are lovin' the patriotism Gabby- There's no doubt in our minds that the US will come out on top and make us all proud. For more Olympic insight be sure to see our other blogs about sports and badass athletes.

And now, here is a video to get you real pumped up for this summer Olympic extravaganza. LONDON 2012.




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