Pat Sajak: The Host with the Most (alcohol in his system)

Posted by admin on Thursday, January 26, 2012


Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak recently appeared on ESPN2's Dan LeBatard's show.  Why a spray-tanned game show host was asked to make an appearance on a sports show still baffles me. Here is the interview that has Sajak trending on Twitter for the first time ever.


Regardless, Sajak shamelessly admitted that back in his "younger days," he and Vanna White would go get "one, two, or six" margaritas between shows. "Our average was around cuatro," he said with a chuckle that made it clear he wasn't exaggerating.

Pat Sajak and Vanna White would go and drink together between tapings

I don't know how this will affect his career, but it's definitely boosted my opinion of him. Not because he went on live TV hammered; anyone can do that. (See: Terry Bradshaw, on any talk show.) But he admitted to it like a champ, and lets be honest, if you hosted Wheel of Fortune, it wouldn't be long till you were thinking, "I bet this job would be way better after a few margaritas."

Here's to you Pat Sajak! Now, let's just see if we can get Alex Trebek to admit to something.


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