Posted by admin on Friday, February 17, 2012

Psstttt...hey you.

My goal: This babe's wristbands, that bro's beverage

Yeah, you.

I've got a secret.

Wait for it....


I should've used my indoor voice.

I should also stop typing one sentence per line.

Anyways, I have a confession--I, welll...I'm a SXSW virgin. I HAVEN'T been around the block and this IS my first rodeo. So, frankly, I have NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL I'M DOING!!!! Or, perhaps more importantly, what I'm wearing. Is my bandanna too ACL? Are my fake glasses too hipster? IS MY TIE TOO AVRIL LAVIGNE?! (It's so..."Complicated." ha)

Or clearly, I'm just too caffeinated. But yeah, essentially the point of this is that, when it comes to SXSW, I'm about as clueless as I am about, well, Twitter, MLB, country music, taxes and calculus.

(Just kidding about that last one. I kick ASS at calculus)

All I DO know is that I want to get into as many sa-weet shindigs as I can. But I'm sooooo OVERWHELMED!

Luckilyyyyyy I just discovered RSVPSTER.COM. For $30 (which I spend on wine and gelato circa 5 times a week at Whole Foods anyway) the party pros at RSVPster get you and your +1 on the list for every unofficial party they can during SXSW---i.e. you do NOT have to frantically search to figure out where you should be/when you should sign up/if you can even get in.

Because that shit is simply stressful.

Just a helpful hint. I just coughed up the cash for mine, so if you sign up, maybe I'll see you at...umm...every event. Come say hi--I swear I (probably) won't wear the Avril tie.

Maybe the bandanna, though.

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