Party Gras!

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Posted by admin on Thursday, February 16, 2012

by Kaitlyn Clement

The time has come for the most epic of all weekends: Mardi Gras.


New Orleans is known for three things: jazz, food, and Bourbon Street. The music, the eats, and the partying are all necessary when it comes to the experience that is New Orleans Mardi Gras. For all you noobs who are driving down to the Crescent City this weekend to partake in the festivities, here are a few tips from a MG veteran on how to survive. What to wear? Sure there will be topless women all around you, but that doesn't mean you should bear it all! Heels are an absolute NO when it comes to MG. You're going to get trashed, as will everything you're wearing. There is nothing formal about this weekend, so don't dress like you're headed somewhere fancy. Prepare for the weather- Rain or shine, you're gonna end up on Bourbon Street. A poncho may sound really lame right now, but you'll be thankful you kept it on you when you're sitting through a parade and it starts to pour. It's always better to be safe than sorry- back your rain coat, umbrella, and pair of rain boots just in case! Bring LOTS of cash-  This goes without saying, but there are a lot of people out there who are strictly electronically funded. Strip clubs always have a cover and you may want to get yourself a balcony to toss beads off of. All of these things are gonna cost ya, and most of it is cash only. Strippers work for ones, not receipts.  Many cab companies only accept cash this weekend, and you're going to need a safe ride back to the hotel after hours of complete inebriation. Buy some beads- Whether you want to see some tits or just show yours off, bringing beads is the way to go. Party stores sell bags of beads by the barrel for much cheaper than you'd pay once you get to New Orleans. The ones you buy on Bourbon will be overpriced and more than likely end up around someone else's neck. Don't get arrested! Because if you do, you're stuck in jail until the festivities end... on Ash Wednesday. Trust me, it is no fun in the NOLA drunk tank. You'd think it would be, but you'd also think it'd be more fun to actually party in the streets than in a cell. Public urination will get you a one way ticket to the jailhouse, so do yourself a favor and find a restroom when you gotta go!   Want updates about all the fun while it's happening? Follow me on twitter @kclementine49          


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