Pantyhose on dogs: what will the internet gods do next?

Posted by admin on Monday, April 15, 2013

"Yeeaahh baby, YEAH! You're lookin Very. Shhaaaaga-deliic" -- Uhhhh, yeah. Something tells me that Austin Powers prrobbabbly wasn't talking about THIS when he said that in his movie. Some of you may find this picture absolutley  freaaakkiinnng hilarious (as do i) but then again, you're probably one of those "animal rights people" who would rather find a ferret a home before a homeless person...but hey! no judgyy, no judggyyy. I must admit though, the longer I stare at this picture, the more I get all "literature-class-analytical" :

"the dogs distant stare into nowhere symbolizes their desire to be free, and his submissive pose is due to its instinctual nature to be obedient to his owners..." --OMG BARF!! kill me now.



this dog does look pretty miserable... nice booties though! 1123


Buuuuuuttt of course, with any of these trends, you WILL have "those people" looking way deeper into this stuff, and suggest all kinds of  crazy claims that make you question why you thought this crap was funny in the first place...  Like "hmmmm in all actuality, putting tights on these animals is really an expression of beastiality" -- ummm, WELL...... when you put it THAT WAY!!!!! goosshh! Seriously though, when I think about pantyhose, the first two things that come to MY mind are: 1) to cover up all the scratches and peeled scabs I have from falling in my heels... orrrrrrrrrrr not. in. heels.... and! 2) CHURCH! (enough said) If there's anything to really hate about this trend, its at how skilled the Chinese (where it originated from) are at putting these pantyhose on these dogs! I MEAN COME ON!! I don't see a rip, a run, or a tear! gah, TEACH MEEEEEE YOUR WAYS PANTYHOSE MASTERS!!! 'cause we all know buying pair after pair of American Apparel tights is OUT OF ZÉ QUESTION! IF you are thinking about giving this stuff a go, DONT do it in Phili... OR  Animal Planets' "BADASS" Animal Cops will be on your tail.  [INTERLUDE] ... Okay, bear with me... I HAVE TO DO THIS! : "In west Philadelphia born and raised, I put tights on my dog when i was bored one day, chillin out maxxin, relaxin all cool, when a couple of cops...they were up to no good... started making trouble in my neighborhood. I followed one little trend and my dog got spayed! Now I know not to mess with the animal cops of P.A!" ... ( I don't care, this is hilarious!)

animal cops

Sorry, I had a moment of inspppirrraatttionnnn! --Interlude over-- eehhhhhhh I really don't see anything wrong with this trend because there's really no difference in putting pantyhose on dogs than dressing them up in Halloween costumes or picking out birthday outfits for them.  From what I can see, the dogs probably enjoy it more than the humans... cause....

ppppfffftttt. Baby got back!Dogs-in-pantyhose-3


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