Outside the Box: Fall 2011

Posted by admin on Thursday, August 4, 2011

With the pending last week and half of summer school coming to a close, we are now being reminded that school is officially bout to be back in session. A friend of mine asked me what I'm looking forward to, and my summer was pretty much the best one I've had thus far in college, so I'm very optimistic about the fall.

Besides working for Study Breaks (shameless plug I know), I recently moved into my own apartment and am excited to make it my own! I will be a senior this year and turning 21 on top of that, so this will be a big year for me. I am very excited for the things to come. UTSA will be kicking off with the emergence of our first football team ever, which doubts or not, is legendary! In thinking about the fall, I always reflect a bit on the previous years, and how I can improve, or change, or what I can strengthen. I mean you have to constantly challenge yourself, and push your limits or life gets boring, dull, and repetition isn't fun. It's when that happens that you have to sit back and take a big look in the mirror. Try something new, or something you never thought you would. Get out there and be social, make new friends. Or even try actually going to the gym and improving your health. I challenge you to not only have a great bad*** semester, but to go outside the box, switch it up, your semester will be what you make it!


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