Olympic Snowboarder Shaun White Arrested For Public Intoxication

Posted by admin on Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sunday, Olympic Snowboarder Shaun White was arrested for Vandalism and Public Intoxication. I know, I know the two go hand in hand right? Wrong. According to police, the incident began when White allegedly pulled a hotel fire alarm. That can't be that big of a deal right? Wrong again. I remember pulling my first fire alarm when there wasn't a fire. I just sat in my room playing Call of Duty until the fire department was gone! Anyway when an employee spotted White destroying a hotel telephone, he alerted the authorities and attempted to prevent White from leaving. And in case you've never dealt with a drunk person; no is never a good answer to them.

"White reportedly attempted to flee the hotel in a cab but a citizen prevented the cab from leaving, telling the driver he was calling police. When White overheard their conversation, he allegedly kicked the citizen and fled on foot. The citizen reported that he chased White until White turned and ran into him apparently causing White to fall backwards and strike his head against a fence."

Now according to the press release, White has been released of his own accords (a trip to the hospital and drunk tank probably sufficed). However, warrants for his arrest were issued Sunday after he refused to sign misdemeanor citations. But who really wants to pay for a broken telephone and being drunk in public when you could spend it on another bottle??


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