Obama and Romney campaigns go mobile

Posted by admin on Thursday, August 2, 2012

Want to follow more on the Presidential campaigns?  There's an app for that.

President Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney are goin' mobile! According to a recent Mashable article, they have both recently launched new apps for their Presidential campaigns that were made available to the public Tuesday morning.

Although both apps are essentially for their campaigns, their functionality is very different.

Obama's app is called "Obama for America" and it is basically a political organization tool that lives on your mobile device. It delivers news to your phone, while letting supporters locate and sign up for campaigning events in their area. It also includes an easy way to donate to the campaign and has a “Get Out the Vote†section.

Social media plays a huge role in the app as well; users can post to Facebook, tweet Obama-related news or invite friends to Obama events directly from the app.

Romney's app called "Mitt's VP"  is centered around a more specific purpose: to let users who download the app know who Romney picks as his Vice Presidential running mate.

According to the article, the Romney app is available on both iOS and Android and users can sign in with their Facebook or “MyMitt†accounts. The info collected by the app, such as users' locations, could potentially be used by the Romney campaign in the future to target audiences that could be crucial to a victory, especially in swing states.

Also heavy on social media, Romney's app allows users to share long-awaited news immediately to friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook, and allows them to easily donate to the campaign as well.

Looks like these campaigners are staying in tune with technology and the social media market, which will be a crucial key to gaining a younger following.

You can download Romney's app here or Obama's app here, and check out some of our other informative blogs here!


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