New York Fashion Week Blunders

Posted by admin on Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Moving beyond the obvious outrageous makeup and fashion that is typical to New York fashion week, some serious cases of crazy went down this past week in New York. Not only did multiple models fall (faint from lack of food?) and someone decided to streak through the crowds (anti-clothes statement, maybe? whatever, I dig it), but photographer Bill Cunningham was hit by an SUV and well-know fashionista Zelda Kaplan collapsed and tragically passed away right in the middle of the Joanna Mastroianni runway show.

Reports say that Kaplan slumped forward right after the show began and was immediately rushed out by EMT staff and later pronounced dead at Roosevelt Hospital. Kaplan was an activist for both fashion and women's rights, traveling the world for inspiration and to dedicate her time to helping others. The fashion world lost a huge icon in the middle of enjoying what she loves. This photo of her smiling in the front row was snapped only moments before her collapse.

Bill Cunningham was lucky, however, when an SUV hit him while he was shooting outside the Reed Krakoff show. Cunningham popped right back up after the collision and kept shooting. Tough old bird. Pretty sure if I got hit by a car, no matter how lightly, I'd probably go home. Take a nap. Cry. Definitely not keep taking pictures.

In a strange turn of events, a streaker decided to take fashion week into her own hands (breasts?) and run through the Lincoln Center courtyard in only her pink panties and red sneakers. Considering the chilly weather out there this past week, I'm sure it was quite the sight to see, and I hope she had a jacket nearby.

Bringing the strange right to the runway was the astonishing amount of models falling this past week during their shows, including Naeem Khan, Ralph Lauren, and Dennis Basso (pictured). Models tend to trip and stutter at least a little during fashion week, but designers this year said there was an increase in the amount of models actually falling to the ground and looking "tired." If I had to walk around in shoes like that with no emotion on my face, I'd probably throw myself to the ground on purpose.

What do you think of the NY Fashion blunders? Tweet me your thoughts at @sheynarae, and happy streaking!

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