New Fried McRib!

Posted by admin on Thursday, March 1, 2012

In the event that the last time you finished a McRib, you thought to yourself, "Hey...I can still feel my heartbeat....what gives?!" ...well, McDonald's has stepped up its game big time.

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you The McRibster!

The McRibster!


This baby makes the original McRib look like a diet option. This juggernaut of a sandwich boasts a deep-fried breaded pork patty, topped with bacon, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, red onion, honey mustard, and sweet chili sauce, all stuffed into a bun.  Hungry yet?

Unfortunately, if you're craving this behemoth, you'll need to buy a plane ticket. Much to my dismay, The McRibter is only available in Europe. It launched in Austria this week, on a limited trial run through March 27.

Fun Fat Fact: Germany is the only country where the McRib is available 365 days a year. Wunderbar!

So, what do we do now? Buy a plane ticket, or hope this heart-stopper makes it way to America?

The McRibster already has a strong fan base here in the US of A, complete with its own Facebook page.

I'm completely in favor of bringing this hypertension sandwich to America; who is with me?!

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