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Posted by admin on Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So Kembrel posted  their list for "Must See TV" the other day and if it's not obvious by now, I LOVE LISTS..So of course, I decided to make my own!

Kembrel's List:

  1. Gossip Girl
  2. Modern Family
  3. Selling New York
  4. AC 360
  5. Live with Regis & Kelly

Julie's Must See TV List

  1. Modern Family- Easily the best TV show on right now. Modern Family has it all, from laugh-out-loud-make-your-stomach-hurt moments to emotional and/or poignant scenes. Not only can you watch MF as a family [for the most part] but it really does appeal to all ages.
  2. Glee- I really couldn't be more of a Gleek if I tried. Tuesdays are sacred in our apartment and when 7PM rolls around you can find me sitting on the couch, with dinner ready to soak up the musical-amazingness that is Glee. I have every song they have performed on my iPod and often times like the Glee versions better than the originals. The fact that the "high school stereotypes" and situations are so ridiculous make this show awesome and the fact that these are punctuated by poignant life lessons is even better. Not to mention Sue Sylvester's unrelenting sarcasm and Puck's sexy guitar/solo numbers.
  3. Skins- The UK version. I haven't seen any of the US episodes, but I just started watching skins at the encouragement of my friend Daniel and I'm happy to say I have a new addiction. From their cool British expressions like "safe" and "fit" to the intense, raw and sometimes raunchy moments & situations, they definitely don't make many TV shows like this in the US. Watching Skins is a real commitment because sometimes I have to troll the internet for over 10 minutes to just find the episode I want to watch, but it's so worth it. The best part? I have 5 seasons to catch up on, so there will be plenty of skins for me to watch..with NO waiting!
  4. Gossip Girl- I am a more recent fan of GG. As in, I just started watching at the end of Season 3, but all I can say is I am hooked. The drama, the love triangles, the ridiculous outfits, what more can you ask for? My new goal is to watch the rest of the seasons to know all the background stories and references. For now, the new Blair/Dan fiasco is keeping me on the edge of my seat!
  5. Dexter- The only reason this isn't higher on the list is because at the moment America is waiting for Season 6 to see what our favorite serial killer will do next. Dexter is quite possibly one of the most intense, and hard hitting series ever, albeit gruesome at times. Although Dexter is based on a book series (which I have read) it does not follow the usual pattern of TV failing to meet the expectations of readers. Michael C. Hall embodies everything that IS Dexter and brings a life and realism to the character that is incredible. Although many (if not all) of us would never do anything that even comes to close to Dexter's pass time, his actions and telling inner monologues make us think about our own "dark passenger" and inner desires. The characters have unrivaled depth and we can see how they have developed over time. This is especially in the case of Dexter's gradual humanization since finding out what really happened to his mother. So in a nutshell this is actually my top "Must See" TV show. If you haven't already started watching it, now is your chance to catch up. Rent the seasons, watch them on netflix or my personal favorite, sidereel.com. Either way , you won't regret it.
So what are your Top Must See TV shows? Anything I should start watching?
As always,
lovelovelove & #soreadyforspringbreak

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