Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

Posted by admin on Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rating: B-

It’s kind of like Kim Kardashian; it’s really pretty to look at but you can’t decide if you actually like it or not. Let me start off by saying Snow White and the Huntsman is a gorgeous film to look at. Some of the imagery is probably some of the prettiest captured on film, mostly due to the costuming and face of Charlize Theron. The cinematography, special effects and general aesthetics of the film are downright perfect. The thing that isn’t perfect however is the screenplay which at times makes absolutely NO sense.
The basic story of the film goes along with the traditional childhood fairy tale: queen is a bitch, kills king, shuns daughter, daughter breaks free and becomes a strong independent woman who finds love. Well, there are a few variants. First of all the queen is a MEGA bitch who is also a sorceress that eats women’s youth in order to sustain her own. She is informed by her magic mirror, one of the most beautiful pieces of imagery, that eating the heart of Snow White, daughter to the slain king, would make her eternally young and beautiful. Upon finding this out Snow White escapes the kingdom to the “dark forest†where there are many nasty little creatures that plague her. Soon a huntsman is sent to find her, along with the queen’s creepy ass brother and army, which he does, but soon rebels the army he is with and flees with the princess in tow. The two then set off on a little trek, all the time with the creepy army close behind, during which they encounter dwarves and an army willing to fight the queen and take back the kingdom from her.
This is all well and good and pretty much what was expected from a dark re-imagining of the classic tale. The problem is there are too many little plot things that don’t serve any purpose or make any sense. There is one part in-particular that made me WTF. Snow White is being her usual self and aimlessly walking through the forest when she spots a tiny bird. This looks all normal and fine but then a little white imp looking thing rather disturbingly crawls out of the birds stomach and takes Snow White to a big white deer with huge antlers, a deer which is soon shot by an arrow and turned into a huge mass of butterflies. Does this make any sense to anyone else? Anyone? I mean it was pretty but come on.
The only one who really grasped how campy and over the top this whole movie is was Charlize Theron. She was fantasticly bitchy as the evil queen and her deliciously read lines gave me a camp overdose. It. Was. Beautiful. Half of her lines were delivered like those in a Mortal Kombat game. I was just waiting for her to point at Snow White and yell “Finish her!â€. Sadly that never happened but there were equally lovely lines that will surely excite and fan of extremely exaggerated villains. The rest of the cast wasn’t nearly as good, all turning in just average performances, though Stewart does prove to the world that she can make more than one facial expression. The first act is absolutely beautiful because of this, but in the second act when Theron’s role is reduced it gets a lot less interesting. Then the third act kind of whimps out and the climactic ending scene is a lot less intense than it should have been.
Overall, I think the movie should have been taken in a balls-to-the-wall, hardcore, gory, R-rated action fantasy. I think copious stylized gore often helps to overcome poor scripts and it would have been nice to see many of the rather irritating cast slaughtered mercilessly. The movie just had too many screenplay issues, like character development, to be considered good by any means. It’s worth seeing just for Charlize Theron and the striking visuals but overall it was just kind of meh. Though there is a spectacular song by Florence + the Machine at the end that's well worth staying.[gallery]


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