New Venue + New Organization = More Austin Music!

Posted by admin on Thursday, March 31, 2011

The folks over at the Moody Foundation of Galveston have combined their good graces and rose $2.5 million to give birth to the brand new Austin City Limits Moody Theater! It is located in between Guadalupe and Lavaca on 2nd Street. Austin City Limits Moody Theater is hitting the ground running tonight opening with the Austin Music People launch party! This is a two in one deal ya'll.

Moody Theater holds 2,750 people and is expected to house around 120 shows per year. This is just what the doctor ordered, another music venue in the music capital of the world. Here in Austin, we all understand the need for live music in our lives, it is undoubtedly part of the glue that bonds our wierd community  together.  And starting tonight, Austin Music People (AMP) intends to embark on their mission " to protect and grow our music culture and our reputation as the live music capital of the world" by kicking off with an octo-concert. Yes I said octo-, as in 8 artists!

Moody Theater and Austin Music People come together to explode onto the Austin music scene with Austin native featured artists such as Blue October,   Ghostland Observatory, Bright Light Social Hour (who was featured in Study Breaks), and 5 others!

Austin Music People is really onto something here. It's no secret that our city is booming with creatives, we love our music and it's growing at a pace that's almost difficult to keep up with. " Unfortunately, Austin has no business plan to support its continued claim as the Live Music Capital of the World, and no central organization to support the music community’s growth. This is where AMP comes in." At AMP they work with the business side of music and aims to deliver a "central source and forum for fielding these issues." We've been needing an organization like this to come along and now it has finally arrived! Support Austin music, become a member, and experience all that AMP has to offer.

I know it's short notice on tonight's concert but there will be many opportunities to experience a little ACL throughout the year with the opening of Moody Theater, just click their link and search through the upcoming shows!





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