Posted by admin on Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Honey, we've all been there...but keep your clothes on, eh? (Note: I just googled mom eating ice cream; this isn't the actual woman.) (Another note: Don't google "naked mom eating ice cream"...I'm scarred for life.)

Now depending on how much of a MILF this lady is (reports didn't specify), this news story could easily develop into one of the following: an "ahhh...eww...godddd...put your pants on?!" close-your-eyes-but-peek-through-your-fingers-what-a-trainwreck-I'm-scarred-for-life awful situation OR...ya know...soft-core porn.

Apparently a woman in Houston suffered a bit of a meltdown and, after crashing her car into a bus...and then abandoning her three kids, did the logical thing and hauled ass for CVS, where she started taking off her clothes as she ate ice cream.

I mean, I can understand the need for a little Rocky Road after crashing into Cap Metro. They don't play dat. Shit's stressful. But seriously...stripping in CVS? Have some decorum.

This isn't Walmart.



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