Mirror Fasting: Let's reflect

Posted by admin on Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sometimes you jusssst gotta look away

There's a new fast in town, folks, and it doesn't involve juices, Ramadan or Olympic track and field. Here, we're talking MIRROR FASTING.

This new trend, discussed by several beauty bloggers, is just what it sounds like: abstaining from looking in the mirror, often for months at a time. (Even going as far as to avoid looking into someone's sunglasses or catching one's reflection in pots and pans.)

A New York Times article profiled several people who took up this practice for various reasons. The common theme was that in every circumstance, it allowed the women to take the focus off themselves. One woman stopped looking in the mirror for a few days because she'd noticed that even time she caught a glimpse of her body--whether in an elevator, in the grocery store or at home--she was constantly analyzing her body and critiquing her flaws. She was unable to be happy because, although she might've felt fine, the second she saw her reflection, she was torn down. Fresh off a 60-lb weight loss, she had started to gain weight back and had resigned herself to a fate of being fat, using every mirror as an excuse to give up and surrender to a life being big. By taking some time away from the mirror, she was able to regain some confidence and focus on what she did like about herself.

Another woman, who described herself as "exotic," noted that she was good looking, but said that the mirror fast allowed her to see the beauty in others more. Yet another one--who took an entire year "off" the mirror--said that it allowed her to direct energy and attention that she'd previously been using on her appearance towards other things, like family, friends and hobbies.

So, seeing the beauty in others, feeling better about yourself and having more attention to devote to your passions and people you're passionate about? What could possibly be wrong with that? (Besides the obvious "Is there spinach in my teeth?" scenario, naturally.)

Just ask Tyra Banks.

"I'm not for that," Tyra said regarding mirror fasting on a segment of  Good Morning America. The talk show host/ reality show host/former model (and, let's be real, complete narcissist) explained that if there's something you don't like about your body that that so-called flaw shouldn't stop you from looking the mirror--you should find something you love about your appearance and take the good with the bad. You should look in the mirror and love yourself.

Well, obviously she's gonna say that. I mean, Tyra would probably live in a hall of mirrors if she could--or just construct a house with walls upon walls plastered with her face...

Oh wait, that does exist--it's the America's Next Top Model house.



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