Men's College Basketball Rankings

Posted by admin on Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We are just one month away from the post-season, so now is a great time to check the current rankings. That way, when March Madness starts, you don't have to pretend to know who's good and who's not.

Rankings current as of 2/6/12
AP Top 25 

  1. Kentucky (23-1)
  2. Syracuse (23-1)
  3. Ohio State (20-3)
  4. Missouri (21-2)
  5. North Carolina (20-3)
  6. Baylor (21-2)
  7. Kansas (18-5)
  8. Florida (19-4)
  9. Murray State (23-0)
  10. Duke (19-4)
  11. Michigan State  (18-5)
  12. Georgetown (18-4)
  13. San Diego State (20-3)
  14. UNLV (21-4)
  15. Florida State (16-6)
  16. Saint Mary's (22-2)
  17. Creighton (21-3)
  18. Marquette (19-5)
  19. Virginia (18-4)
  20. Mississippi State (18-5)
  21. Wisconsin (18-6)
  22. Michigan (17-7)
  23. Indiana (18-6)
  24. Louisville (18-5)
  25. Harvard (20-2)
So there you have it, the top 25 teams right now, all of them should be making an appearance in March Madness as well.
There are a few things to keep in mind, as well as a couple big games with even bigger implications.
  • Kentucky plays Florida tonight! It will be Kentucky's first ranked opponent in the past two months!
  • Baylor has the toughest schedule this week; Hosting Kansas on Wednesday and then an away game in Missouri on Saturday.
  • There is only one undefeated team in the top 25 (Murray State), much thanks to their wimpy schedule.
  •  Harvard rounds out the poll at No. 25, beating out unranked Gonzaga, Iowa State, Southern Mississippi and Notre Dame. Come tournament time, the "smart money" isn't going to pick Harvard over the aforementioned teams.
Who are you rooting for this season? Is your team ranked? Do you even think these rankings matter? Anyone not listed you think will make a run in March? Let me know!

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Westlake exaggeratesalways the way with novelists. But Oklahoma and its idiosyncratic liquor laws give the imaginatively inclined a lot to work with. There's a kernel of truth to the tale.
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There were three Oklahoma passenger trains remaining in 1971, not just the Texas Chief; all Santa Fe trains. The San Francisco Chief operated between Chicago and California making Oklahoma stops in Alva, Waynoka, Woodward, and maybe a few other towns. The Kansas City Tulsa Tulsan made stops in Dewey, Bartlesville, Collinsville, and of course Tulsa.
Amtrak sued both states in federal court. The Oklahoma judge ruled in favor of Amtrak, but the Kansas judge ruled against, on the grounds that the federal Prohibition repeal granted the states broad powers to regulate alcohol. The Kansas decision was affirmed by the Supreme Court, and the Oklahoma decision was overturned on appeal. Upshot: no booze on trains in Oklahoma or Kansas.
Washington City Paper
The rails are still polished daily by trains between Oklahoma City and Kansas City. The segment between Newton, KS and Oklahoma City only carries freight. However; most of Amtrak system shares its routes with freight trains. Therefore; this should not be an impediment. The real impediment is the death grip the region has on highway transportation. Oklahoma will spend on average $1.5 billion for its transportation resources annually but only $2.85 million is dedicated to passenger rail. Oklahoma priorities are still skewed to 20th Century transportation policies.
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Oklahoma and Amtrak are not known for good decision making. It would be another 20 years before Amtrak returned to Oklahoma, and as a state supplemental route. Look at the national Amtrak map. A 24 hour backtrack is required through Fort Worth to reach Chicago from Oklahoma City.
The railroads began screaming about the losses while the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) reluctantly allowed a trickle of discontinuances to be approved. The entire network would have collapsed by 1975 if Congress had not taken action. Further, this action was intended as an orderly shutdown of all the nation passenger rail routes. However; Watergate and the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo halted this retreat.
Nowhere was this more true than in Oklahoma. Amtrak apparently asked US Senator from Oklahoma Henry Bellmon if Oklahoma wanted to keep its remaining Amtrak route, then the Lone Star. The answer was something akin to followed by a The Carter Administration was demanding Amtrak cuts. The popular Lone Star, on target for 240,000 passengers in 1979, died a quiet political death.
Amtrak discontinued many routes on May 1, 1971, its first day of operation. What is the real story? In 1967 the US Postal service discontinued most mail contracts with the railroads. Marginal routes became soaked in red ink as mail sorting in route ceased.

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