Meet Dax, from Project X

Posted by admin on Monday, March 5, 2012

Am I the only one that recognized the elusive Dax, who played himself in the latest box-office hit movie Project X? He is a YouTube sensation! Well, he used to be at least. My friends and I in high school used to die laughing over his life-documentary-type videos. Viewers could never understand whether he was acting or if he was really the way he portrayed himself. Don't know what I mean? See for yourself! Here is one of my favorite videos from him: I pushed my grandmother into the pool. You have to watch the whole thing! Brings me back to those high school memories.... (Whuddup C-bad Cavemen)


Most of his videos have had hundreds of thousands of views, but this is his top-viewed video at 1,154,798+ views. Ladies and gents, I bring you "New (Girl)Friend" by DaxFlame.


And be sure to check out Project X! IT WAS HILARIOUS.

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