Marc Jacobs Intern Word Vomit on Twitter

Posted by admin on Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Marc Jacobs is one of my favorite designers of all time. Though according to The Daily Truffle, his company was in a bit of social media crisis when an intern, that was soon leaving the corporation, was venting about the CEO, Robert Duffy, on the official Marc Jacobs account on Twitter. This is not only unprofessional but also unwise. I highly doubt this intern will find a job in New York City or in the fashion industry anytime soon. Maybe if the intern checked out College Candy's post on what's not to do as an intern he could have avoided this.

These tweets have been deleted soon after the incident though here is a screen shot of it before it was deleted.

"You guys and gals have no idea how difficult Robert is. I am only an intern. My last day is tomorrow. I wouldn't be tweeting this if not!"

"I was asked to do this until we found a replacement... I hate this job. Hope they find someone soon. Robert is so picky! We have presented him with 50 people. He's not happy."

Good luck! I pray for you all. If you get the job! I'm out of here. See ya! Son't [sic] want to be ya! Roberts a tyrant! Seriously! He is tough!

Marc Jacob’s intern definitely reminded us what not to do as an intern. In a generation with social media booming, everything you write on the Internet is published as soon as you hit the “send†or “submit†button. Not only travels fast but it is also very public.

In the mean time, celebrity that is opposed to social media and imposters like Kate Moss will not be tweeting her experience on the runway or on her personal life anytime soon. She and some other stars like Elle Macpherson, Naomi Campbell, Sienna Miler and Dasha Zukova have joined a new website called ICorrect, which provides a source for celebrities or public figures to correct any misrepresentation on cyberspace.This site was Founded by Sir David Tang, who The New York Times calls "a businessman, socialite, and celebrity friend extraordinaire.

Some of my favorites corrections are as follows:

Hurtful Rumors

Rumor has it that I claimed to not want black people wearing my clothes. I was to have made this statement on Oprah. It also led to accusations that have been equally hurtful and absurd such as me not liking Jewish people, Spanish people, Pillipino people and those with brown skin.

Tommy Hilfiger's correction:

These are untrue rumors. First of all, I only appeared on Oprah once when she invited me on the show to rebuke the rumor. Oprah herself said “This is a big fat lie!!!†Tommy never said that so people do not believe this terrible rumor (this can be viewed on www.tommy.comView source website as well as on YouTube with Oprah making this clear statement). I am from humble beginnings, have worked very hard to build a democratic broad based brand for people of all beliefs and backgrounds. Tommy Hilfiger


off to bed...tons of meetings tomorrow. Sweet dreams everyone xxk

Kate Moss's Correction

Don't try connecting to me on Facebook or follow tweets from Kate Moss, the real Kate Moss doesn't use these social networking sites. I correct all of the imposter profiles pretending to be me and the xx twits tweeting under my name.

If Marc Jacobs would like to clear his company’s name on ICorrect, he only has to pay $1000 per clarification. Do you think it is worth it?

After all he is again nominated for  The Council of Fashion Designers of America for Womenswear Designer of the year.

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