Manic for Panic!

Posted by admin on Friday, December 9, 2011

For the record, there was no making out. Just lots of sarcasm.

When I was getting ready to meet up with Panic! At the Disco Thursday afternoon at the AT&T conference center, I was in full journalist mode. I had my pens, I had my paper...I'd downloaded a sa-weet voice recording app. I was going to Barbara Walters the SHIT out of them.

I was chillin' in the conference room (where they'd thoughtfully placed a bowl of mints in case, I suppose, the interview turned into a fierce makeout session) and waiting for them, ready to roll, with a few copies of Study Breaks to intimidate; I knew they'd be nervous being interviewed by a prestigious publication such as this.

Then they arrived...and my journalistic prowess flew out the window as we got sidetracked by stories like "What's Your Number?" (they refused to give me theirs) and they learned just how they could accessorize their little black dress. Interview had turned to shoot-the-shit sesh and all of the sudden a bro with an impressive collection of calf tats gave me a stern look, watch tap and two-minute warning. I got little to no material (Barbara would not be proud) but I definitely had a blast..and wanted more Panic!.


 Because the folks at Logitech Ultimate Ears had totally hooked it up,  hosting the band at an exclusive concert at Momo's last night and providing  not only the music, but also headphones and t-shirts for attendees. The  band played a short but sweet set, rocking new hits like "Nine in the  Afternoon" and old classics like "I Write Sins Not Tragedies." (For those of  you who think you don't know what the hell the latter is, you do. It's the one that goes  "Oh what a beautiful wedding! What a da dada da something something  something...")

Bottom line is it was pretty freakin' sick. And not only did they kill it onstage, but they were cool enough to hang out for a few hours after the show, mingling and taking pictures with anyone who asked (while Calf Tats kept a watchful eye, naturally), fulfilling the dreams of many people's middle school selves. Years later, yes, but hell--take what you can get.

Now if only the Backstreet Boys would come to town...


PHOTO CREDITS: Jacqulyn Tolson; Calf Tats



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