Posted by admin on Monday, April 2, 2012

From singlejingles.org

POP QUIZ: Men, what takes 20 seconds of your time, once a month, and can SAVE YOUR LIFE?

THE ANSWER: Fondling your balls.

Welcome to April, welcome to Testicular Cancer Awareness Week.

Testicular cancer is the number one cancer in our 15-35 demographic (well, the male portion), and it's responsible for hundreds of deaths a year. Grim.

But the good news? If you detect it at Stage 1, it's 99% beatable. 

AKA--if you just know what to look out for (which Single Jingles, a testicular cancer foundation, can help you with), you can squash any chance of being one of the hundreds of deaths that occur each year.

So learn how to check yourself (before you wreck yourself) with these step-by-step instructions from Single Jingles. (Or download an instructional shower card.) It literally takes 20 seconds of your time, once a month.

And God only knows you guys spend enough time fooling around down there anyways.


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