London Calling

Posted by admin on Tuesday, July 31, 2012
London Calling
Print dress, $47 / Paul's Boutique vintage top, $39 / Madewell patent leather shoes / Heel boots, $50 / Alexander McQueen skull clutch, $1,725 / Finest Imaginary chain jewelry, $22 / Burberry cashmere shawl / 1STDIBS.COM - Metropolis Modern - Vintage London Bus Sign


Who's NOT obsessing over the Olympics right now? Better question--who's NOT obsessing over Ryan Lotche right now? I've never been so excited about sports in my life. Try to peel your eyes away from the swimming races for just a few moments and get inspired to London the crap out of your closet. When I'm not drooling over Lotche, I'm definitely drooling over that Alexander McQueen skull clutch...




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