Posted by admin on Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Last week I was sifting through my ridiculously long iTunes library when I found Alex Lagemann (a.k.a. LOGGY). I haven't listened to LOGGY in over a year but from what I've seen on Twitter and the news, he may be breaking big this time.

Born and raised in Cali, Alex rode to college on a football scholarship to the University of California, Berkeley. After rapping with teammates and friends, Alex's peers encouraged him to record his own songs. Pursuing the idea, Alex acquired the stage name "LOGGY" and recorded his own remixes to his favorite techno, hip hop, and indie songs on his first mixtape titled "Up All Night." Through social networking and music blogs, his potential was quickly noticed. After his second mixtape titled "New Kid" (produced and edited by teammate Michael Costanzo a.k.a. BIG RED), LOGGY quit the football team to graduate and pursue his music career.

Today, LOGGY and BIG RED have added another member to the crew (Josh Cocktail) to form the band "Radical Something," which is currently touring what looks like the northern United States. My assumption is that their spring tour will cover the southern United States because let's face it--it's way too hot down here for concerts right now. Anyway, the crew thrives off their fan base and therefore most of the music has been free to download. However, in February their EP album titled "No Sweat" peaked the iTunes charts at No. 7. I didn't even know they were on iTunes!!

So what do you do when your band's album makes the top charts on iTunes? Give away more free music of course! Over the summer, Radical Something uploaded a new song each week to their blog specifically for the fans to jam to. And now that the summer has come to a close, you can find all 13 of those puppies on their new album titled "Summer of Rad".


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