Lindsay Lohan set to play Liz Taylor

Posted by admin on Thursday, April 26, 2012

You got it right--

ehhh I can kindaaa see it

Lindsay Lohan, my personal fave party girl...primarily because of Mean Girls and the fact that we went through both our lesbian and crack-fiend phase at the same time (kidddddinngggg!)...has landed the role of the lifetime--Elizabeth Taylor, baby.

The lovely LiLo will star as the late, gorgeous big-screen siren in the amusingly named Lifetime movie, Liz & Dick. (I'M MATURE)

One of the true OBs (original bombshells, obv) as an individual, Liz Taylor has as of late been a much sought-after, coveted role, and many people are...a little less than thrilled...that Lohan, who's been a bit of a hot mess the last...oh, I don't know...7 YEARS has landed this role.

Lindz lookin' hella good at Coachella this yurrrr

But hell, DUI, drugs "F*** you" fingernails and other antics aside, you gotta admit...Lindsay's lookin' pretty good as of late. And maybe, jussssst maybe, this role will be the tipping point that knocks homegirl back on track...


Lifetime movies tend to have that effect, after all.



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