Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

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Posted by admin on Monday, October 22, 2012

College is expensive. What was once common, now is a luxury. So when Halloween rolls around, not many can indulge in the perfect costume. But here I’ve gathered quick costumes with things you probably already have in your closet. They’re cheap and you will use all these items again in case you have to buy them.  Fun, retro and cartoony costumes are cool, and I am pretty sure you won't have too many clones.


 Peanuts’ Lucy Van Pelt



Probably the easiest of all the characters in my list, Lucy wears only a blue dress and awesome brogues. Sport it with a bitchy personality and a stuffed Snoopy and you’re good to go.



 Power Puff Girls

Gather with your friends and dress up as the Powerpuff Girls. They all have distinct personalities so choose the one that most applies.


Marge Simpson

The coolest voice of them all, Marge Simpson is so easy to replicate. Make sure to find a wig that looks like her, but if you want a sexier approach, try this one.

Jane Jetson

The coolest retro-futuristica mom out there, Jane Jetson wore the detachable collars before they were cool. (Or is it after they were cool?)  Copy this easy costume with an awesome purple dress and add tulle underneath.


So if you have no money, don’t feel left out. Try these ideas out for the coolest costumes out there.

Here are other ideas for cheap and easy costumes.


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