Kim Kardashian Compares Herself to the Virgin Mary

Posted by admin on Wednesday, June 20, 2012

you can practically SEE the halo

Now, I'm not the mosssst religious kid on the block (shocker), and bible knowledge isn't really my forte--it just wasn't how I was raised. (I once mentioned how my brother thought psalm was pronounced "possum" for the first, umm, 19 years of his life. If that's any indication.)

But despite the fact religious knowledge isn't exactly part of my repertoire, I do have a kick-ASS grasp on vocabulary...plus I may or may not have seen the infamous sex tape...and Kim, honey, you ain't no virgin.

And though technicalllllly she didn't say something like "I am oh-so-pure and innocent--check out how this white pants suit hugs my big, perfect virgin ass" and she didn't upload some V.M. (Virgin Mary, natch) stained glass shit as her doppelganger, she did say the following:

“I think if I’m 40, and I don’t have any kids,and I’m not married, I would have a baby artificially inseminated...I would feel like Mary, like Jesus is my baby.â€

So like I said, this isn't my area of expertise. My personal bible belt has no notches, and on a religious version of Who Want to Be a Millionaire, Regis would've banished my ass before I had the chance to poll-the-pew or call-a-Cardinal. But I do know enough about the whole church thang to know that the tale of Jesus's birth doesn't begin with God heading to the sperm bank with a stack of Playboys and Mary poppin' one out 9 months later.

But then again, I wasssss totally wrong about that possum shit.


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