Kick-ass ELECTRIC TOUCH hits La Zona Rosa: My 15 minutes on the tour bus

Posted by admin on Friday, March 30, 2012

HOT AS HELL (The band...and the super sweaty temps) 

Photo stolen, per the ushe, from Facebook--promoting property theft since its invention

First of all, let me just say (primarily to earn brownie points for my intense dedication to the craft), I hauled ASS through downtown in HEELS to make my uber-sweaty appearance at La Zona Rosa to catch badass band Electric Touch last night. I'd been blasting the hell out of their new album Never Look Back on Soundcloud (and would've bought it if this week my account hadn't dipped to an almost impressively low NEGATIVE $58), and was itching (figuratively, not literally...ew) to see one of my favorite bands of the moment perform live.

(Note, if you think you haven't heard of them...you have. Check out "Don't Stop.")


Anyways, I was ever-so-amped about seeing them--especially when I got inside where there was air conditioning...and a bar. With plenty of vodka.

Now granted, it was a different concert atmosphere than I was expecting. Since Electric Touch has played Coachella, SXSW and ACL (wassup resume!), I was pretty stoked for a buffet of bros--the delightful hipster variety that I'm absolutely in love with--in the audience. (Note, guys. wayfarers can make LITERALLY anyone hot.) And since they had just completed a tour with Evanescence, I was also crossing my fingers for some hair-over-one-eye-kind-of-mad-at-the-world types. Instead--and I guess I should've known this since Electric Touch is currently touring with the delightful, entertaining...but, umm...kind of Jonas Brothers-esque, Hot Chelle Rae--the audience was full of middle schoolers and MILFs.

Both not really my dating demographic.

But despite trying to be cool to avoid being judged by countless iPhone-wielding 12-year-olds sipping Dr. Pepper, I soon found myself jumping up and down (while trying not to spill aforementioned vodka) and spouting out squeals and squeaks reminiscent of a pre-pubescent girl--or boy--as Electric Touch tore it up onstage with an intensity and rock 'n' roll enthusiasm that was both entertaining and totally endearing for the next 30 minutes.

On the bus baby

Now, I was pretty determined not to completely fu--

umm...mess...up this interview like I did when I chatted up Panic! at the Disco. So I was prepared and stoked to enter the bus (primarily because tour buses are the COOLEST things EVER) when 9 o'clock rolled around. I hopped on the bus and headed to the back lounge. Where shit was about to go down.

And by shit, I really just mean a totalllly professional interview. (Unfortunately.)

Note: I have to take this moment to acknowledge how fantastically dressed these five bros were. There were suspenders, there were zebra print shoes...I was in heaven. Props for acknowledging that, like any show, a concert requires a costume.

Another note: The quotes could've come from any of the bandmates. In unorganized fashion, I didn't bother labeling who said what, and in my recording, it's reallllyyy only possible to differentiate the British lead singer from anyone else due to--obviously--the British accent. Ergo, all quotes are attributed to "ET"--

Because it's a great movie reference...and I'm sure they don't really neeeed their own identities.

ME: So, I gotta say, I wasn't really expecting that the entire audience would be comprised of 11-year-olds and parents with 11-year-olds. That's gotta be different than your regular crowd. How was it?

ET: One of the beautiful things about it is that when you have a younger audience they're not too bitter or twisted about life yet; they just want to have a good time and go on a rock 'n' roll roller coaster ride with you and so you always have a great time. We always saywhatever the audience...we just like playing on a stage. We do our thing and I think if people like to have a good time and they like to have fun, no matter the age, than I think they're gonna like Electric Touch.

ME: This was also a smaller venue than, say the shitshow that is ACL or Coachella. How is it different?

ET: It's a little bit different when it's a smaller club. It's wonderful actually because you feel this real electricity, this closeness that you don't get in big festivals. There's some beauty about being able to see the whites of people's eyes and them being able to see yours as well and really connect with us on that level. And, you know, we do do the same show whether there's 5,000 or five people there.

ME: So, I was Facebook stalking--naturally--and saw that your influences include everybody from Led Zeppelin to Shakespeare, Mozart to Jimi Hendrix. What do YOU actually sound like?

ET: We don't really classify [our sound]. It's just Electric Touch. We always wear our heart on our sleeves, and all those elements do play into the band and how we write songs because we take things from all around real life and things we experience and process it through the brain, you know, and the heart and the soul and then it comes out as a song.

Shakespeare has lots of themes in it that are very, very similar to the themes in our music. It's about love and there's no better drama than that of real life.

ME: So you were traveling with Evanescence until recently and now Hot Chelle Rae until May. Those are kind of opposite ends of the spectrum...

ET:I think that says a lot about the band actually, the fact that we can play with a band like that and a band like Hot Chelle Rae back to back and still win fans over and have a good time and make people have a good time with us.

The reception from the Hot Chelle Rae crowd has been the same as the Evanescence crowd, and it's really awesome that everybody's so open to the music.

We love being on tour. It's like a dream come true for us to be a band on a bus driving around America playing rock 'n' roll songs that you wrote to people who want to hear it and have a good time.

ME: So what are y'all listening to?

ET: The music from NBA 2K. (joking...but not really)

A wide variety, from classic rock all the way through to modern stuff. We listen to so much--we're like sponges, really, and you have to be.

ME: So do you have any crazy stories from on tour? Come onnnnnn...

ET: Maybe busting out the grill and making some 1/2 lb burgers the other night.

(editor's note: NOT exciting)

I wish we could say there's some rock 'n' roll crazy thing, but even if there was we wouldn't talk about it.

ME: (After being told my 15 minutes of fame  of professionally interviewing  of being creepy was almost over) Anything else y'all wanna throw in?

ET: The new album is really special, we're really proud of it...I'd really like as many people to listen to it as possible because I think everyone finds something in there they can relate to.

And to add, we've got two AWESOME music videos.


SO check it out bitchezzzz (my words...not theirs).

Listen to ELECTRIC TOUCH's new album NEVER LOOK BACK HERE: http://soundcloud.com/electric-touch/sets/never-look-back/

Because it's badass...and so are they.

And watch the video for "Magnetic" right hurrr:



NOTE: No offense whatsoever to Hot Chelle Rae. They're hot anddd one of my new faves too--and I was jammin' OUT with those 7th graders. HOLLA at a playyyaaa.







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