The former Mrs. Tom Cruise's

Posted by admin on Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Oh, Tom Cruise has done it again. Nicole Kidman and Mimi Rogers, both ex-wives of Cruise, and Katie Holmes, soon to be ex-wife of Cruise, all unfortunately reached an age that Cruise hates, 33.  Is it a surprise that they all filed for divorce from Cruise at 33 ? Tom Cruise, who just turned 50-years- old yesterday, appears to be an old man with young taste. Should he not feel lucky to have married beautiful, YOUNG women?! It’s quite obvious that Tom Cruise is a catch, look-wise, but what happens to the next innocent wife when she turns 33? If you’re interested in marrying Tom Cruise, it may be best to get married to him when your 20-years-old. That way, you’ve got a good 13 years before you're 33-years-old, and Tom Cruise will be 63-years-old then as well. I doubt when Cruise is 63 that he’ll be walking anymore wives to file divorce papers; at least let’s hope not.

Still, celebrity marriage just seems to be dwindling away. It’s as if they don’t need to get a real acting job anymore. They can just file for divorce, and what do you know, they’re the biggest thing in Hollywood. I’m kind of excited to see who Tom Cruise will get married to next. At least we already know she won't be in her 30s.


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