Careers for Art Majors

Posted by admin on Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ask anyone what jobs are available for art majors and prepare to receive a snarky "Starbucks barista" in return.  I, however, am not a dream crusherand prefer to be optimistic in regards to the daunting task of job searching upon graduation, especially in a field that requires artistic talent and unshakeable faith in self.  It seems as though a few major university career resource centers share similar sentiments considering the plethora of possible career paths they say are available for those graduating with a degree in the art field.

The Bank of America Career Services Center at the University of Delaware lists potential job titles for those with  a bachelor's degree in the arts as illustrator, photographer, graphic designer or assistant art director.  Some of the possible employers of these jobs include museums (as you would expect), advertising agencies, magazines (like us!) and interior design firms.

The fine arts career center a little closer to home at the University of Texas at Austin lists even more possibilities for art graduates.  Exhibit designer, art appraiser and corporate art consultant are jobs that can be attained with a bachelor's degree, while being an arts lawyer, art librarian or art therapist  are positions available for those with an advanced degree.

Every art advising program suggests that those with the major develop advanced computer skills, because apparently being a wiz at graphic software will get you far. (Hello retouching models for a living?)  If you're trying to get paid for your art sooner rather than later, check out helpful site ArtJob.org.




http://www.flickr.com/photos/seeminglee/3967329241/ See-Ming Lee


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