Jersey Shore is Back for a 5th Season!

Posted by admin on Thursday, December 8, 2011

There are plenty of reasons I'm looking forward to 2012-- 

The end of the world, for starters.

But if Armageddon doesn't arrive, I can tell you where I'll be January 5th: WATCHING THE SEASON PREMIERE OF THE FIFTH SEASON OF MTV'S JERSEY SHORE.

(Yes, the use of all caps was loud, obnoxious and totally unnecessary...exactly like a fifth season of Jersey Shore, if you catch my drift.)

But despite the fact it's always the same old thing (Ronnie and Sammy fight and throw shit; Snookie and Deena dance and "accidentally" flash the camera--and, by proxy, the world; "The Situation" refers to himself in third person; Vinny and Pauly D keep the bromance alive; wash, rinse, repeat), I have to admit...I'M STOKED FOR THE SHORE BRA!

How many tears will be cried?! How manyroommates will  try to hookup and succeed (hopefully not conceive)?! How much hairspray will be used--and ergo how much of the ozone will be depleted?!

All I can do for now is watch the trailer on repeat  and wait.

Oh, and break to get my GTL on, naturally.





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