It's Time To Start Cuddling

Posted by admin on Tuesday, October 9, 2012


It's starting to feel more like fall! People are starting to wear their 1990's sweaters, fashionable scarfs and now girls (especially the girls) are starting to catch what I call the "cuddle bug". Own it. Treasure it. Do it.

Yup that's right! You can't deny the cuddle season and how low temperatures make you want to cuddle with more than your dog, or in my case, my pillow. If a guy or guys are giving you their attention, chances are they're in on the cuddle season. Girls, if not already, will soon be in a state where all they eat, sleep and think about is cuddling.Okay, maybe not to that extent but pretty close.

The "cuddle bug" is when a girl or guy (mostly girls) start talking/venting about cuddling and how they want to cuddle badly. It's a time when the weather does something, not sure how, to our body and mind where all we want is someone, not something, to cuddle with. Once you've become annoying about cuddling chances are you've got the "cuddle bug" and you haven't even noticed it sister. Chances are I've caught the "cuddle bug", have you noticed my rambling on the subject?

Let's be real we all want to be the Regina George of the season (I'm hoping all girls get this reference) who has eye candy and a regulation hottie to call anytime to cuddle. I mean who wouldn't want to be "caught canoodling with an Aaron Samuels"? Umm I know I would be putting our cuddle sessions on every social media site Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You know, just so I have proof that I'm not a cat lady this fall. No one wants to be a cat lady. No one.


Speaking of what no one wants this cuddle season, no one wants to be Amanda Bynes in She's The Man. Not a good look and definitely never in style. You won't find anyone jumping on your bones to cuddle. Trust me on this one.

Girls, this is the time to take advantage of the sweet guy who has been noticing you. Cuddle with him. The guy that you text on a daily basis is at your service. Trust me, if he's giving you attention I'm sure he won't turn down a chance to really hug you. (wink, wink)


It's cuddle season guys! This is the best time to finally grow some courage (I really mean the other term, which is an object you use to play sports) to ask a girl out for a night of fun and hey, maybe this time she'll invite you into her apartment for some canoodling.



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