Is Organic Food Really Better For You, Or Just More Expensive?

Posted by admin on Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Stanford University recently research this question I've been asking myself since I started shopping at Whole Foods: Is organic really better for you, or am I just paying extra money for a label?

After digging through a ton of research, doctors at the university concluded there was little to no difference in the organic foods. Though there were some cited differences in antibiotics and pesticides, overall, there was no difference in nutrition. Eating organic can lower your exposure to pesticides and antibiotics fed to animals, but for individual health, you're really not making a big difference spending $31.4 billion on organic products (which was the calculated total sales last year).

So, why do you eat organic? Does any of the research change your mind? Personally, I'll just stick with my HEB-brand food.

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