Posted by admin on Monday, June 25, 2012

There are plenty of ways to meet the love of your life:

-You bump into each other in line at Starbucks and bond over the fact that you're paying $6 for coffee and the barista somehow thought you said your name was Sarah--not Sam--and wrote that on your cup! HILARIOUS.

-You bump into each other at a bar...and make out...which 9 times out of 10 leads to a totez successful relationship, swearzies.

-You click around on match.com...blackpeoplemeet.com...christianmingle.com...or--no joke--farmersonly.com. ("CITY FOLKS JUST DON'T GET IT!") Pick your poison.

ORRRRR--here it is--you can just let STUDY BREAKS hook it up with CREATE-A-DATE!

What is create-a-date, you ask? Well let me break it down for you:

Each month we feature a HOT BACHELOR or HOT BACHELORETTE and three contestants, and everyone answers totally revealing--and predominantly irrelevant--questions that I think will provide goddamn hilarious results and quality insights into their character. (What's your greatest fear? What do you call your Grandma? WHAT WOULD YOU DO FOR A KLONDIKE BAR?!)

Then it's up to the readers (omg, that's you!) to vote for which contestant gets a date with the lucky lad(y). We set the lovebirds up with a free dinner and then follow up to see if sparks flew or if shit crashed and burned, giving you all the details in a later issue of the magazine. SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO...check out our first victims'--err...contestants'--pics and bios and vote to determine which dapper dude will go on a date with our beautiful bachelorette. Then be sure to stay tuned for the follow-up in a later issue.

If it works out, I'm sure we're all invited to the wedding. If it doesn't, well, they got a free meal out of it, eh?


To participate, email your info--name/age/hometown/major--and a picture to samantha@studybreaks.com.

Or head over to eHarmony. It's whatevs.



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