I Foresee You Being Jobless. Good Job, UCLA Girl.

Posted by admin on Monday, March 14, 2011

I'll admit, Asians in the library ARE annoying. I see it in the PCL, but I keep my mouth shut because everybody does it, not just Asians. I'm guilty of doing it too. But was it really necessary for this UCLA student to rant about it to all of the world? Studying political science, I assume she wants to be a lawyer. Well good luck getting in to law school...


Seriously, how did this girl, Alexandra Wallace, get in to a supposedly prestigious school like UCLA? To think that some of my brilliant friends were rejected so that bimbos, oh wait I'm sorry, "polite nice American girl that her momma raised her to be", could attend such a school is really a mystery to me. Facepalm.

What do you think should happen to Alexandra? Should UCLA kick her out? Does she know that presumably all Asian Americans are outraged and she should consider transferring schools for her own well being? Well, maybe states, no, countries, but I guess not Asia (read: her address, email address, and phone number are also floating on the Web via Craigslist).

EDIT: Mar 14, 4:35PM - Sorry if you had trouble with the previous video, the link should be fixed now.


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