I am Woman, Hear Me Roar!

Posted by admin on Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Women are better than men. This we know. They have the children. Yes, I know there needs to be sperm involved but hey, technology has given us an out for that one, and, they can even feed that child with their own bodies, pretty amazing stuff. Not that I, personally, would want to live in a world without men, just saying. Thoughts like this mainly seem to arise when a man is cheats on a woman... and that man happens to be in a relationship with you.

While recently reading an article by College Candy's infamous guy talk writer, "The Dude" on 11 Reasons He Can't Keep It in His Pants of Out of another Woman's a thought occurred to me. This is the first time in history that women have had the amount of power as men, yet there are still endless amounts of intelligent women in relationships with cheating assholes. It's no secret, we all have a friend who stays with a guy even though he's cheated on her. Hell, you maybe that person. This confuses me.

Although The Dude's list is totally valid, I just can't help but arrive to the same conclusion. There is no difference between reason and excuse, especially in college relationships, if someone cheats on you and you stay with them, there is absolutely nothing stopping them from doing it again. He either puts his penis in and around only your mouth and/or vagina, or he doesn't. It really comes down to that simple fact: A relationship is either monogamist or it's not. If it is a mutual fact that that yall are monogamist and he does act on the contrary, just don't be the dumb b*** who sticks around afterwards.

Just an after thought: If he actually cared about you in the way you believe, wouldn't you think he would at least do you the courtesy of ending that "monogamist" relationship beforehand? And if his cheating circumstances were under the category of "I plan to stay with you and not get caught,"  he's even more undeserving of a partner who doesn't betray his trust.  We have worked our way up to equals ladies, it's about time to start acting like them.


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