How To Wear a Detachable Collar

Posted by admin on Thursday, March 29, 2012
How to wear a detachable collar
While many trendy trendsters have been wearing the "detachable collar" well since the beginning of 2011, this novel accessory has yet to make its way into my neck of the woods. I think girls our age are under the impression that this is the type of item that only fashion bloggers and celebrities can pull off. I am here to tell you to throw away that mentality! Because we are young, we should be trying out new things every day, taking risks and making mistakes in all aspects of our lives, including fashion. Better a twenty-something attempt to rock a detachable collar than a fifty-something, as I always say.
So now that I've motivational-speeched my way into semi-motivating you to try it out, let's go over the best ways to pull this off. First of all, there is a time and a place for a detachable collar. Where I live, the girls wear the most comfortable clothes they own to class, and then get super fancied up for nights on the town. Therefore, I have a hard time picturing an opportune moment for a detachable collar on a Wednesday afternoon. But accessorized/styled the right way, it can easily be worn to bars, church, work, game days, or girl's night out.
If the idea of a lone collar around your neck is still too avant garde for your liking, try easing into the transition via collar necklaces. That way, it's the same look, but if someone is gawking at you, feel free to yell: BITCH, IT'S A NECKLACE.
Here are some of my favorite looks that really inspire me to cut the collars off of my nice blouses (don't worry mom, I won't)

image via 3-snaps.com

image via manrepeller.com

image via findmefab.blogspot.com

image via shoppingsavage.blogspot.com

What's great about this trend is that there are TONS of DIY's out there for you to choose from if you really wanted to make your own cute/affordable detachable collar.

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