How to Survive The Walk of Shame

Posted by admin on Tuesday, February 16, 2010

words: bill bowman

photos: santiogo forero

You wake up bleary eyed, confused about what happened last night and next to a random person from the bar. Yes, you are about to make the Walk of Shame across campus or back to your apartment or dorm. This doesn’t have to be an embarrassing ordeal if you follow these tips.

How NOT to end up like this...


You will need to scrounge around in your hook-up’s bathroom for something to cover up the smell of sex, booze and cigarettes. Girls, prepare to smell a little manly.


Sunglasses are crucial. Your eyes are not ready for the sun to smack them. So make sure you pack a pair of shades to cover the bloodshot eyes.


After a night of partying and other recreational activities, your body is going to be dehydrated and hung over. Head to the nearest scorner store and load up on water.


Your clothes are undoubtedly wrinkled thanks to being on the floor last night. Stick them in the dryer for a few minutes before heading out, if you have the time. Ladies, “borrowing†a t-shirt could also do the trick.


You got bed-head and your hair is looking tore up. Guys can get away with some crazy hair, but it’s a little trickier for the ladies. Throw it up in a bun!


Heels aren’t comfortable downtown and they are even less comfortable after getting drunk and having sex with a stranger. Throw a pair of sandals in the purse if you are on the prowl.

If you followed these, steps, you will be walking tall!

Stay tuned in for the man's Stride of Pride, coming soon!


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