How To Save Money on Beer

Posted by admin on Thursday, October 6, 2011

Let's face it, the only thing better than Beer is CHEAP BEER. The awesome folks over at Save On Brew have rolled out something amazing, and this ain't nothin' new for the Brew Connoisseurs. Save On Brew's website is a great way to find all the best deals on beer where ever you're at.  With deals in over 50,000 locations, this site makes it nearly impossible for you not to afford drinking.

There are tons of great sections for the beer enthusiast in each of us. Save On Brew's great blog has tons of great tips and entries on anything worth reading including: tips on Beer Health "DAS HEALTH", Hangover remedies, "I'm stirring up one of them right meow", some of the best drinking games, and a great section where you can get all your Beer Apparel. With the economy being in the shape it is, it only makes sense to shop smart. So if you're like me "Weekend Nancy Pants" or you're a seasoned vet and just "Get Shmammered" every day of the week, and your grades seem to be working in your favor, then check out www.SaveOnBrew.com. Now you can't afford NOT TO DRINK.

Just look at how psyched Adam Sandler & Chris Farley  were when they found out about www.SaveOnBrew.com


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