How to Make the Most out of Your Internship

Posted by admin on Monday, July 16, 2012

This past month I was given a fabulous opportunity to intern at a local television station.  This is my first work-related opportunity and have tried every day to seriously not screw it up. I’ve taken great pains in an effort to be successful and unforgettable hoping to one day be hired. In my first three weeks I have concluded the following:

  • State your purpose. As soon as I got there I made it pretty clear that I do not want to have my face plastered in every Spanish speaking TV set in the area. I want to write.  I wanted all the information I gathered to be spoken. So I stated to the news director my desire to write, and he instantly pointed me to the people in charge of it.
  • Be your humblest. This is pretty basic, but trust me, you would be surprised at the amount of big-headed individuals who treat this opportunity lightly. This is a huge deal;not many get hired, so treat it as such. Show everyone how happy you are to be there and let them know about it. Granted you might sound like an idiot at the beginning, but at least you sound like an excited idiot. I always give the worst impression. I am always scowling, so I make an effort to not let it show and to let people get to know me. I try telling a story which shows my nicer side  and also gives them a chance to get to know me.
  • Don’t be too nice. I came in extremely nervous and unfortunately gave the impression of being a spineless twit. Show them you have the personality to handle such a fast-paced environment and how quick you really are.
  • Say yes to everything. The people I work with are nice enough to actually want to show me what they do. If you do  not have the same luxury, then ask around. One random Tuesday I was swept away in a panic when four people were absent from the usual repartee and was asked to fill in. Terrified, I said yes and I suppose it gave me points because right away I was liked a tad more.  And when I actually did it, it came quite naturally and now is the task I am asked to do regularly.
  • Make yourself useful. You’re not there to waste time, so actually head out to those you want to learn from and ask what you can help them with. Especially if they appear busy, try and help them out. Though don’t be stupid and head up to them when they’re busy and bother them; they might scowl at you and you might end up hating them.


This is what little I have learned in these first few weeks. Here are some even better tips. Try and use this info and hopefully you might land a job.

[Me working the floor]


Thanks for reading! :D


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