How To Make Some Money!

Posted by admin on Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Summer is around the corner and it's time to start making some extra dinero for the many summer plans in store! Although many of us have jobs and internships, it still can be hard to have a little bit of spending money left over for the fun stuff.  Unfortunately, sometimes getting a second job (or a job at all) can be a bit unnerving to an already full schedule. So how can you make extra money without spending a lot of time doing it you ask?

Stripping aside, there are plenty of non-skanky ways earn some cash! These steps will give you a taste on how you can start making your money. Today.

  • Donate Plasma

Donating your plasma to banks who give to people in need is a great, life-saving way to get an extra source of income. You just  have to meet certain health requirement, and be brave enough to endure/enjoy the needles and eating cookies.

  • Make Money in Your Swimsuit

If you got a great body, got out there and sud up a few vehicles for some quick cash, You and your buds can make a good amount in one day!

  • Sell Those Textbooks!

If you are like me and have taken a class that you only looked at the book like...twice, you need to turn those textbooks into a profit! Instead of using them as a coaster, go online to amazon and chegg or another textbook site to get the maximum profit from them.

  • Sell Your Class Notes

Use your brain power to make the maximum profit from selling your class notes. However, please make sure that they are damn good ones because not everyone is going to pay for sketchy ones.

  • Sell Bottled Water/ Goodies

Go out on that corner and sell your goodies (and I'm not talking about the "Goodies" that Ciara sang about not giving up to anyone). With a little creativity a reasonable price and an ice chest and some good baking, you can sell bottled water and sweets on a hot summer day.

  • Do Surveys

There are plenty of places that are willing to pay nice bucks for you to try their products and let them know what you think about it. For once it's okay to get used because it indeed benefits you.

Now that you have ideas to run with, read some more in The Top 50 Ways to Make Money in College by Jon Ray. It's right on time for the summer and for your pocket. If you have any more ideas to get some quick cash, shoot a comment below.

Now go out there and make me...errr..... I mean you some moolah!



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